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Hi, my name is Svala and I'm new here.
I'm 21 years old and I live in Iceland. I'm very tall (181 cm = 5'11.3") and have very blond hair which isn't that unregular here but once when I went to the U.S.A. I got asked a lot if I was an angel when I was wearing a dress or if I was a Nazi if I was wearing pants -.-'

I'm studying Biology at the University of Iceland where my boyfriend is also studying to become a doctor! (I'm very proud of him ;) )
I own a weird bastard bitch that I got when I was 12 when she wasn't suposed to live through the night at the vets and I was the one who found her. She's kindof like a mix between a welsh corgi body with the colouring and face of an american cocker spaniel. She's very sweet and looooves visitors!

I also have 3 younger sisters (3, 5 and 15 years old) that constantly stir up trouble for my mom and I!

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Hi Svala, I'm new here too. I'm 23 (just turned!) and live in a place called Wrexham in North Wales. 

I'm really intrigued by Iceland, it looks a beautiful place! I'd love to visit there one day. It's on my travel list :)

 At the moment I work at a university helping disabled students in their lectures. When I was at university myself I studied Fashion Journalism. 

I'm engaged to a really lovely fella ;) though we're not sure when the wedding will be. It's going to be a long engagment lol! 

I'd love an Icelandic snail mail pal, so if you're interested maybe we can swap addresses? I'm also involved in Postcrossing. So exciting to get cards from around the world! 

All the best! 


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